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You would never guess that this top Gibraltar personality was dyslexic

HE has led men into war and walks with the mighty after his disability pushed him to be the best he could be.

The Governor of Gibraltar told the Gibraltar Independent about how being dyslexic had pushed him to climb the military ladder.

Hereford-born Royal Marine Lt Gen Ed Davis was named patron of the Gibraltar Dyslexia Support Group.

“We talk about dyslexia being a difference, not a disability,” said Davis, whose last military post was as Deputy Commander of NATO Allied Command.

“Everything we have as a human being can be applied in a way which is effective and the dyslexia support group allows you to realise dyslexics to realise their ambitions and dreams.

“As a military officer I had to give presentations so I had to put in quite a lot of work to read the words that communicate, convince and inspire.

“That’s taken extra work because I have a cognitive challenge of interpreting what I see on the page to coming out through my mouth.”

TOP MEN: Lt Gen Ed Davis with the Chief Minister

Luck or commitment?

Davis joined the Royal Marine Commandos in 1981 and took part in the Falklands and Bosnian wars. After being appointed as Commander of Task Force Helmand in Afghanistan he became Commandant of the Royal Marines in 2011.

“The fact that I have had to be more considerate in how I approach these tasks has made me more effective at delivering them.

“Everybody has a role to play in society. Dyslexics need to embrace the fact that they are different so they can contribute to the greatest degree and be the best they can.”

Davis, now 66, said he was ‘very lucky’ to be the Governor of Gibraltar since 2015.

“I found it very fulfilling professionally and enjoyable personally,” he said.

Despite Brexit uncertainty he said he was upbeat about the future: “Gibraltar is good at dealing with challenges and it will deal with Brexit as it has done with everything else.”

A job advertisement for a new governor was posted in July as Davis is due to leave the post in January 2020.

If you want to find out more about the activities of the Dyslexia Support Group in Gibraltar check out their website or Facebook page.

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