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Would a No Deal Brexit stop us going to Spain?

With the UK staring down the barrel of a No Deal Brexit, Gibraltarians will be wondering what they would need to do to continue going across the border hassle free. Well, while nothing is certain so far with the Theresa May's still to come before the House of Commons in

Gibraltar gets shared UN voice in war on climate change

While getting the United Nations to see Gibraltar as anything but a colony might be a tough battle, at least within the battle against climate change we are finally getting separate recognition as overseas capital. The move to see Gibraltar included as part of the UK Overseas Territories (UKOT) for the

Government calls out ‘unacceptable’ UN position

Microsoft Word - 780-2018 The Gibraltar Government continues to disagree with the United Nations after the latest 'Consensus' on Decolonisation was published this week. The main point of discord is that the Consensus is based on the Brussels Agreement of 1984, which said talks should be carried out between the UK

Students learn from London tourism model

More than 50 students will be learning about what makes London tourism great on a four-day trip to the UK capital. Four teachers accompanied the 53 Travel and Tourism A-level students who were required to plan, prepare and organise all aspects of the visit. They had to show special involvement in