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Students learn from London tourism model

More than 50 students will be learning about what makes London tourism great on a four-day trip to the UK capital.

Four teachers accompanied the 53 Travel and Tourism A-level students who were required to plan, prepare and organise all aspects of the visit. They had to show special involvement in a particular area, such as Marketing and Promotion, Finance, Human Resources and needed to demonstrate relevant and productive involvement in the trip throughout the planning stages.
“The group’s itinerary includes a visit to Gibraltar House in order to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the role of the public sector in tourism development, a key learning outcome for the A2 Tourism Development unit,” said a government spokesperson. “Whilst there, they will get a first-hand experience of the modern facilities it can offer to Gibraltar Businesses wishing to promote their services in the UK. Another element of the visit, arranged by Gibraltar House, is a tour of the Palace of Westminster.
“This will be a wonderful opportunity for the students, some of whom have never been to UK before and it will be an important element of their A Level course and an excellent opportunity to test theory against real world practice.”

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  1. From Kilimanjaro ,Tanzania.It is a good and wonderfull thing ,i realy motivated by that plan,my self iam a student at University of Dodoma taking Bachelor of Tourism and cultural heritage and i like tourism it is a good thing i support it

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